Please note the following conditions for using the facilities at Miracle Waters.

  1. The property will be entered for diving purposes only.
  2. All divers to be certified or accompanied by an instructor when on a diving course
  3. All dives to comply with international certifying standards
  4. No diving under the influence of alcohol
  5. No pets of any type, size, shape, age allowed
  6. No swimming in the lake (Except when for training / course purposes – and then under strict supervision by an instructor)
  7. No fishing
  8. No boats / canoes / any other floating devises
  9. No stone throwing in the water
  10. No making of fires in other than the braai stands provided
  11. No solo diving (Only if qualified)
  12. No cutting of trees
  13. Children must be supervised at all times
  14. No private compressors or de-canting of cylinders for filling purposes – cylinder refills only to be done by Miracle Waters at the official filling station
  15. No private business or selling of products (Diving or non-diving items)
  16. No selling of food / snacks / cooldrinks (These are sold by the shop of Miracle Waters)
  17. A general speed limit of 20km/h shall be observed at all times
  18. No other roads on the property may be used than the designated entrance / exit / driveways thru camp.
  19. No climbing of no-rite dumps allowed
  20. Any person causing a public nuisance, damaging property or abusing any other person, may be evicted from the property and denied future access
  21. Any person abusing or damaging the property of MIRACLE WATERS, will be liable for the cost repairing or replacing such property
  22. Time schedules for Gates, Gear Rental, Air Fills, need to be adhered to.
  23. No hubbly bubblies allowed.